The unique landscape of Altyn-Emel gives every right to call it a geological and paleontological park. Altyn-Emel is a real open-air museum, where geological deposits and structures are presented on a relatively compact territory, formed in different eras from the Paleozoic to the present day.

Here you can see stunning evidence of the complex tectonic, volcanic and precipitating processes that have taken place in this area for several hundred million years and continue to this day. This long and complex geological history has determined the uniqueness and variety of the modern landscape and the richness of flora and fauna in the Altyn-Emel park.

The main landscapes of the Altyn-Emel park are sandy-desert, gravelly-clay-desert and mountainous. In general, Altyn-Emel is a large desert surrounded by high mountain ranges of Dzhungarian Alatau in the north and west, by the Katutau and Aktau desert mountains in the east, and by the wide Ili river in the south.

Singing Dunes in Altyn-Emel

Altyn-Emel with untouched desert lands is a unique place where wild nature is preserved in its primeval state >>>

Ili River Floodplain

The huge arid Altyn-Emel desert is adjacent to the life-giving full flowing Ili river and the Kapchagai lake >>>

Aktau Mountains in Altyn-Emel

See the grandeur of Dzhungarian Alatau and the alien beauty of the Katutau and Aktau desert mountains >>>

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