Tourist Route 1: Singing Dune


Distance of the tourist route: 46.5 km one way (Basshi village - Singing Dune, the route is marked in yellow on the map).

Basshi village → 6 km → Shygan post → 30 km – Mynbulak post → 10.5 km → Singing Dune → 2 km → Chokan Valikhanov's spring → 7 km → Oshaktas steles → 37.5 km – Basshi village.

Singing Dune and Legends of Genghis Khan

The most popular excursion route is traditionally associated with the name of the great conqueror Genghis Khan, who passed through these places in 1219 during his campaign to Central Asia.

The fast-moving army of the nomadic Mongols did not leave any significant traces here, but the historical Mongolian name of Altyn-Emel ("Golden Saddle") and the geographical location of this territory on the way to the cities of Semirechye, which were the Genghis Khan's ultimate goal, prove that Altyn-Emel was one of the first silent eyewitnesses of this military campaign.

Some folk legends have preserved the memory of this event. One of them says that Genghis Khan himself is buried under the sands of the Singing Dune, and the second legend is related to the mysterious menhirs of Oshaktas which are considered to be a large hearth for cooking put up by the warriors.

Among the lands conquered by Genghis Khan on the territory of present-day Kazakhstan, Altyn-Emel is one of the few that has preserved the primevalness of these places to this day, the way they looked during the Mongol invasion in the 13th century.

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