Park Regulations

The Altyn-Emel State National Natural Park is a specially protected natural area with the following regulations to preserve the pristine wilderness:

It is prohibited to stay on the territory of the national park without a document confirming payment for the use of the specially protected natural area.

Entering the national park, checking in at the hotels, moving around the park territory from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am are not permitted.

Driving off the public roads and tourist routes, parking and washing vehicles outside designated places are not permitted.

Motor yachts, boats, motor boats, scooters, ATVs are not permitted afloat, except the state inspection floating equipment.

It is prohibited to park, camp, make a fire outside designated places.

It is strictly prohibited to fish and hunt, disturb wild animals, feed them, destroy nests, burrows, damage trees, bushes and other plants.

It is prohibited to collect wild fruits, berries, mushrooms, plants outside designated areas, as well as grazing, wood production and other illegal forest use.

It is prohibited to contaminate open water sources with garbage, chemicals and human waste.

It is strictly prohibited to destroy monuments of nature, history and culture, to take away stones, rock paintings, artifacts, etc., to put inscriptions and drawings on trees, stones and rocks.

It is strictly prohibited to destroy and damage rest places, signposts, and to leave garbage.

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