Entrance Fees

Per vehicle - KZT 200 per day. 

Per person - KZT 1145 per day.

Higher school students - KZT 945 per day.

High school students - KZT 745 per day.

Pre-school children are admitted free.

You can enter the park only with a valid pass (with a receipt for payment) on hand or in the form of a photo of the pass received from the park cashier via WhatsApp or by e-mail (in addition, it may be necessary to show receipts confirming payment through the Kaspi Bank payment service).

How To Get A Pass?

A pass to the Altyn-Emel National Park can be purchased on the spot at the central office of the park in the Basshi village:

Address: 73 Askarbek str., Basshi Village.

Phone: +7(72840)45209

Tourism Dpt.: +77056102511

A pass can also be issued remotely through a phone call to the national park, payment is to be made via Kaspi Bank mobile app. For details please call or contact by WhatsApp:

+77079390039, +77778019670

For Routes 1 (Singing Dune) and 3 (Aktau Mountains), you have to enter the national park ONLY via the Basshi village, with a pass issued either at the central office in Basshi, or remotely, by the above phone numbers.

For Route 2 (Besshatyr), you can enter the national park ONLY via Checkpoint 1 near the Shengeldy village, with a pass issued remotely.

You cannot drive across the central territory of the national park as it is a conservation area. Tourists can only follow Routes 1 and 3 (Singing Dune and Aktau Mountains) coincidently.

Route 2 (Besshatyr) is available separately.

Arba Travel

Arba Travel organizes tours along all the tourist routes of the Altyn-Emel National Park with advance registration of passes.

Altyn-Emel Tours
Altyn-Emel Tours

We are based in the village of Basshi near the central office of the Altyn-Emel National Park and can arrange a pass in advance if necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Phone: +77772266560 

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Arba Travel

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Phone: +77772266560 

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