Tours to Altyn-Emel from Almaty

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Arba Travel offers tours to the Altyn-Emel National Park from the city of Almaty for 1 day or more.

Tours to Altyn-Emel from Almaty are 1-3-day trips, depending on the distance and complexity of the route. Altyn-Emel is a unique place, far from civilization, although it is only 250 kilometers from the city of Almaty.

A tour to Altyn-Emel from Almaty is a wonderful opportunity to see all the contrasts of our region in one trip: the entertainment city of Kapchagai (Konaev) with its numerous casinos and quiet provincial villages like Basshi, Nurym, Aktobe with peacefully grazing cattle walking right through the streets; steppe expanses, especially beautiful in spring during the flowering of tulips and poppies, and the majestic Dzhungarian mountains.

Once on the territory of the national park, you seem to be transported hundreds and even thousands of years ago, when there were no cities at all, and the ancient steppe was one huge home for the great civilization of nomads, traces of which have been preserved in the form of a few monuments of history and culture, such as Besshatyr and Tanbaly Tas.

The nature of Altyn-Emel is completely out of our usual time - the age of the Singing Dune, for example, is more than 10 thousand years, and the Aktau mountains were formed about 400 million years ago.

Besshatyr Saka Burial Mounds

1-day tour: Besshatyr Saka burial mounds, Tanbaly Tas petroglyphs, Ili river and Kapchagai >>>

Singing Dunes in Altyn-Emel

2-day tour: Singing Dune, 700-year-old willow, Chokan Valikhanov's spring, Oshaktas stone steles >>>

Aktau Mountains

2-day tour: Aktau cretaceous mountains, Katutau volcanic mountains, 700-year-old willow >>>

Aktau Mountains Tour

2-day express tour: Singing Dune, Chokan Valikhanov's spring, Oshaktas steles, Aktau mountains >>>

Aktau Mountains, Kazakhstan

3-day tour: Singing Dune, Aktau and Katutau mountains, 700-year-old willow >>>

Aktau Mountains Tour

3-day camping tour: overnight stay in a campervan at the foot of the Aktau mountains >>>

Altyn-Emel National Park

3-day complete tour: Besshatyr mounds, Singing Dune, Aktau and Katutau mountains, 700-year-old willow >>>

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