Tourist Attractions

In the Altyn-Emel National Park there are both natural and cultural-historical places, from which the following attractions are available for visiting:

  • Singing Dune
  • Aktau cretaceous mountains
  • Katutau volcanic mountains
  • 700-year-old willow
  • Besshatyr Saka burial mounds
  • Tanbaly Tas petroglyphs
  • Oshaktas stone steles
  • Chokan Valikhanov's spring
Singing Dune in Altyn-Emel, Kazakhstan

The Singing Dune Aigaikum, making an unusual sound, is one of the 7 wonders of Kazakhstan and a natural monument of republican significance >>>

Aktau Mountains in Altyn-Emel

The cretaceous mountains of Aktau ("white mountains") are the most grandiose attraction of the Altyn-Emel National Park >>>

Katutau Mountains in Altyn-Emel

Katutau ("frozen mountains") are the remains of an ancient volcano in the form of hills of solidified lava >>>

700-Year-Old Willow in Altyn-Emel

700-year-old willow is a sacred tree in the Kosbastau oasis with warm radon springs >>>

Besshatyr Necropolis in Altyn-Emel

Besshatyr is a complex of royal burial mounds of Saka leaders, dating back to the 1st millennium BC >>>

Tanbaly Tas Petroglyphs in Altyn-Emel

Petroglyphs of Tanbaly Tas are the history of ancient nomadic tribes in the form of rock art >>>

Oshaktas Steles in Altyn-Emel

Oshaktas is mysterious stone steles traditionally associated with the invasion of Genghis Khan >>>

Chokan Valikhanov's Spring

It is the place where Chokan Valikhanov, a famous Kazakh traveler, stayed with his expedition >>>

There are also little-known, but no less interesting places in Altyn-Emel, such as the Akbulak (Snowy) waterfall and the Ungirkora cave.

The 15-meter Akbulak waterfall in the Kyzylauyz gorge of the Dzhungarian Alatau mountains can only be observed during the rainy and snowmelt periods.

The large cave of Ungirkora is located far from tourist routes, therefore it is not available for visiting.

Snowy Falls in Altyn-Emel

The Akbulak (Snowy) waterfall is a rare phenomenon in the dry climate of Altyn-Emel >>>

Ungirkora Cave in Altyn-Emel

The Ungirkora (Ungirtas) cave is one of the ancient sites of primitive people in Kazakhstan >>>

Park rangers' posts in Altyn-Emel are also used as places for camping - for example, the Kosbastau post with the 700-year-old willow, and the Mynbulak post near the Singing Dune.

Mynbulak Oasis

Mynbulak is one of the rare green oases in the middle of the Altyn-Emel desert >>>

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