Akbulak Waterfall

The Akbulak waterfall (ak means "white" and bulak means "spring, stream" in Kazakh), or the Snowy Falls, is one of the beautiful natural places in the Altyn-Emel National Park.

The Akbulak waterfall is located in the Kyzylauyz gorge in the Sholak mountains of Dzhungarian Alatau. During the period of rains and snowmelt, water falls from a height of 15 meters. This phenomenon can be observed for about a month - in the hot season, the Akbulak waterfall dries up.

The Kyzylauyz gorge itself with rich vegetation is very picturesque and differs from the bare rocks and stone screes that make up the Sholak mountains. Here grows Caucasian nettle-tree with unique wood, which is so heavy that it sinks in water. That is why the plant was nicknamed "iron tree".

The Kyzylauyz gorge is located in the protected western part of the Altyn-Emel National Park, it can be visited on the way to the Besshatyr Saka mounds.

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