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We kindly ask you to book a tour to Altyn-Emel in advance, at least a few days before the planned trip.

The Singing Dune, the Aktau cretaceous mountains, and the Katutau lava mountains are rare natural phenomena in the Altyn-Emel National Park. The huge sand dunes of Aigaikum and the grandiose massifs of volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Katutau and Aktau are the consequences of violent geological processes in the Ili valley.

We offer you an exciting 2-day camping tour from the Basshi village to Altyn-Emel with an overnight stay in a comfortable motorhome at the foot of the Aktau mountains.

The fantastic Martian beauty of the Aktau mountains leaves no one indifferent. Here you definitely need to meet sunset and dawn and take impressive photographs of the bizarre multi-colored canyons and landscapes of alien beauty.

Total distance: about 250 km

Duration: 2 days, 1 night in the park

Tourist routes: Route 1 (Singing Dune), marked in yellow on the map, and Route 3 (Aktau mountains), marked in red

Number of tourists: up to 4

Season: all (it can be hot in summer)

Tour Program

Day 1:

Starting off no later than 12:00 pm noon in a motorhome from the village of Basshi to the Aktau mountains.

Overnight in the campervan at the foot of the Aktau mountains.

Day 2:

Visiting the Katutau mountains, 700-year-old willow, Singing Dune, Oshaktas steles, Chokan Valikhanov's spring.

Return to the village of Basshi around 18:00 pm.

Singing DuneSinging Dune
Aktau MountainsAktau Mountains
Katutau MountainsKatutau Mountains
700-Year-Old Willow700-Year-Old Willow
Oshaktas StelesOshaktas Steles
Chokan Valikhanov's SpringChokan Valikhanov's Spring

KAMAZ Mustang Campervan

KAMAZ Mustang 4x4 is a comfortable motorhome based on the chassis of a KAMAZ truck, produced in 2013. It is fully equipped for traveling and living in nature in the Altyn-Emel National Park.

Sleeps up to 4 adults in the living compartment PLUS 1 sleeping area for the driver in the driver's cab.

The living compartment (12 sq.m.) is cozy and exclusively decorated. Consists of a kitchen and a dining room, a separate bedroom and bathroom, with high-quality decorative trim and all home conveniences. Durable furniture is sheathed with natural leather, and the ceilings and walls are covered with special Alcantara fabric. The walls are 10 cm thick and have high heat and sound insulation properties. The interior space is very comfortable and thought out to the smallest detail.


  • full kitchen equipped with Dometic camping equipment - a gas stove with 3 burners, an extractor hood, a sink, a cold and hot water supply system, a filter for drinking water, a large refrigerator with a freezer, cupboards, kitchen utensils

  • dining area with windows, table and two sofas, which can seat up to 4 passengers while the motorhome is moving

  • king-size bed PLUS two sofas and a table in the dining zone converting into an additional double bed

  • wardrobes for clothes and belongings, trays

  • full bathroom with toilet, shower and washbasin

  • air conditioning, supply and exhaust ventilation modes, ceiling ventilation hatches with fans and anti-mosquito nets

  • 400 liters of clean water on board

  • solar power plant for 1000 W

  • electricity 220V, 3kW

  • two separate stoves of an autonomous heating system on diesel fuel, with water heating

  • audio system

  • TV set

  • bright multi-level lighting inside and lights outside

  • windows with thick curtains

  • a set of camping equipment and tools

  • wardrobes and lockers for transported tourist equipment

KAMAZ Mustang is rented only with a driver who works as a guide and an assistant and does not interfere with tourists during camping.

KAMAZ Mustang is also available for accommodation at the Caravansarai Campsite in Basshi >>>

Tour Price

The cost of the 2-day campervan tour to the Altyn-Emel Park from the Basshi village and back is KZT 340000 tenge for 4 people.

What's included:

  • Transfer in the campervan around the park

  • Driver services

  • Environmental fee

  • Accommodation in the campervan (1 night, 4 people)

Meals are not included in the tour (you bring your own food and drinks). The motorhome is equipped with a supply of water and has a kitchen with all the necessary utensils, where you can prepare any meal at any time.

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Arba Travel offers camping tours in a comfortable campervan from the village of Basshi to the Altyn-Emel National Park.

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