Svoboda Caravan

Svoboda is a Russian brand of teardrop trailer, designed for 2 adults and 1 child. It can be transported by a crossover or SUV.

Svoboda differs from the Enisei caravan by improved interior decoration and more comfortable space. The interior LED lighting is dimmable. The Svoboda caravan has a high ground clearance but the doors of the cabin and the outdoor kitchen countertop are lower than in Enisei, which is convenient for short men. Svoboda also has a wider door of the outdoor kitchen that folds up to provide a good shelter from the sun and rain.

Mobile and Compact Caravan

The Svoboda teardrop trailer's high suspension, small dimensions and light weight ensure its mobility and maneuverability even on unpaved roads.

You do not need to apply for an additional driver's category, category B is enough. You only need a ball tow hitch on a car, a standard socket with 7 pins, and a little more attention when driving a car. The caravan is almost not felt when driving.

Comfortable Camper

  • comfortable mattresses
  • two side doors with opening windows
  • thick curtains
  • mosquito nets
  • forced ventilation system
  • warm interior thanks to autonomous heating on diesel fuel with temperature maintenance
  • spacious lockers for storing things and bedding
  • comfortable interior and exterior lighting
  • 220 V inverter
  • solar battery
  • extended door of the outdoor kitchenette providing good shelter from the sun and rain when using the kitchen
  • sink with a tap and water supply
  • portable gas stove
  • containers for food
  • kitchen utensils

Protected from wind and weather, animals and insects, the heated Svoboda trailer provides a warm and dry atmosphere even on frosty days, and excellent ventilation makes it possible to spend the night inside even in hot weather.

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